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The State Environmental Protection Administration announced the new environmental protection standard for plastics

the State Environmental Protection Administration recently announced the new environmental protection standard for 10 products, including recycled plastic products, foamed plastics and plastic doors and windows, if mold temperature controllers are not used for mass production in the future

according to the Environmental Protection Bureau, in order to implement the environmental protection law of the people's Republic of China, reduce the impact of plastic products on the environment and human health in the process of consumption and use, save energy, reduce environmental pollution, reduce the consumption of raw materials, and improve resource utilization, the environmental development center of the State Environmental Protection Administration drafted the technical requirements for environmental labeling products recycled plastic products (hj/t) Three new environmental protection standards for plastic products, namely, technical requirements for environmental labeling products foamed plastic (hj/t) and technical requirements for environmental labeling products plastic doors and windows (hj/t), were approved on January 6

in addition to adding 22.35.1 (1) in January, the new standard comprehensively revised the technical content of the original standard, and further emphasized the reduction of pollutant emissions and the protection of human health, which will play a positive role in promoting the scientific and technological progress of the above three types of plastic products

the new standard will come into force on March 1 next year. After its implementation, the corresponding old standard will be abolished at the same time. Only when it becomes the first industrialized preparation of high-quality polylactic acid polyols in the world and meets the new environmental protection standard, can the logo of the product with environmental labels be posted. If the old logo continues to be posted, it will be regarded as counterfeiting. It is understood that environmental labeling products are issued by relevant departments to relevant manufacturers after certification according to certain environmental standards, proving that their consumption and application processes all meet environmental protection requirements, which is conducive to the regeneration and recycling of resources

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