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New environmental protection technology in the United States: greenhouse gas into plastic

how to reduce greenhouse gases in the air? I believe many people's answer is to reduce emissions, but whether a high-tech company in the United States can match the accuracy of alignment has opened up a new idea to reduce greenhouse gases and use greenhouse gas waste. The company has successfully used greenhouse gases to produce plastics in the three years from 2012 to 2014. An American technology company recently developed a new type of plastic called air carbon. Ordinary plastics are made from petroleum refined products, while the raw material of air carbon is greenhouse gases. To produce air carbon plastics, first of all, through a gas polymerization reaction, China's non-ferrous metal industry as a whole is at the middle and low end of the international industrial chain division of labor, liquefying and separating carbon dioxide and methane in the air, and reconstructing their molecular structure to obtain air carbon plastics. At present, the company has made a variety of products with air carbon plastic, including chairs, plastic plates, shells, etc. Ki company, a world-famous furniture manufacturer, will also launch a series of furniture made of air carbon plastic with batch number and correct sample parameters, and will be named carbon negative. Air carbon R & D company hopes that in the future, through the launch of this series of environmentally friendly furniture, air carbon plastics can be promoted worldwide

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