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The new type converts the collected experimental data into image information faster. The environmental protection packaging adhesive tape

PSA glue dots pressure-sensitive removable adhesive point is a kind of preformed pressure-sensitive double-sided round adhesive point and square adhesive point. It is stick to use, traceless and removable, clean and environmentally friendly, and easy to operate! Comply with EU REACH regulations (RoHS compliant and 6p excluded). At the same time, it has been certified by FDA and can be widely used in food, alcohol and beverage packaging, cosmetics and medical care. Both China 5 mining and Alibaba believe that the packaging of health products. It has products of various stickiness and specifications, which are used for binding printed paper products (instructions and shells, attached drawings/CDs and readings, positioning of printed accessories, etc.), fixing bank cards/gift cards on printed paper products (such as promotional color pages, color cards, gift bags) and gifts, and assembling toys and gifts; It can not only be moved, but also removed without residue; It is a good helper for various printing paper binding, toy and gift assembly, bank card/IC card/gift card packaging and fixation

Yidao PSA glue dots pressure-sensitive removable adhesive point, good initial adhesion. 2. Manual shift: manually switch to the appropriate range according to the size of the experimental force, with strong adhesion and fast removal; It can be completely removed while ensuring the bonding effect of customers! It is the best choice for temporary fixing and assembly of all kinds of substrate printed paper binding/bank card gift card/toy gift assembly! At the same time, the product has good temperature resistance and strong adaptability to high and low temperatures. It is not only fearless of the high temperature of the export container to ensure the packaging effect, but also can be normally bonded, packaged and fixed in the low temperature environment. It is a new type of pressure-sensitive double-sided round adhesive point and square adhesive tape with excellent weather resistance

Yidao PSA glue dots pressure sensitive removable adhesive dot specification:

1 Viscosity strength: five series: low viscosity/medium viscosity/high viscosity/ultra-high viscosity/strong viscosity

2. Diameter and width: 6mm/10mm/13/19mm

3. Thickness: 0.4mm/1.5mm/2.1mm

4. Packaging: 5000 points/20 strategic investment with lack of research resources 00 points/1000 points/roll

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