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Are you ready for the 18th Yibo machinery industry exhibition?

the 18th Yibo machinery industry exhibition is about to be held. The author learned from the exhibition Executive Committee that this year's exhibition has been greatly improved, with more highlights, and another big gathering of the machinery industry. For example, guole, Lange, Hongming, Mingrui, Cologne, Hongqi, brother, Hualian, huashili, Senli, Jin'an, Wu Tai, Nanjiang, Haida, Haitai, Longyue, Feiying, Jinyi technology, Suba, Boye, Ruijie, xinyite, shannais, chendiao and a large number of well-known brands at home and abroad participated in the exhibition. More from the second landing, it has become the only ceramic aluminum new material supplier in the world; The ceramic aluminum steering knuckle experimental product cooperated with Jixiang automobile has completed the road test of the whole vehicle; Ingersoll Rand, one of the world's top 500 companies in the United States, which cooperates with COMAC to carry out the floor support beam and engine blade development exhibition, will make a high-profile appearance on the exhibition site again. The booth area has expanded three times compared with last year, which fully proves the charm of Yiwu market. Let's look forward to the glorious scene on the exhibition site

there are also numerous examples of Dongguan Hongming and Zhejiang huashili who have launched a heavy attack on the fair Machinery Exhibition. Dongguan Hongming is also a high-end machine at the scene, displaying the latest machinery and equipment of the heaven and earth cover series, providing more advanced technology for the domestic packaging industry

Zhejiang huashili will display the latest patented intelligent multimedia drinking water equipment series, and with the theme of drinking high-quality water and experiencing high-quality life, it will set up a large cold, warm and hot drinking water area with the Executive Committee on site to shock all guests to experience the development of this technology

the 18th Yiwu International Fair machinery industry exhibition was approved by the State Council, hosted by the Ministry of Commerce, and carefully built by Hangzhou Chuangjie Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. the joint leading brand Yiwu International Fair will be held at Meihu Convention and Exhibition Center in the form of exhibition on October 21-23 every year. The exhibition covers machinery and equipment technology and general components in food, pharmaceutical, plastic, printing, packaging, textile, clothing, machine tools, molds, automation, carving and other industries, accounting for more than 50% of the total sales volume. Truly achieve a one-stop procurement platform. In order to provide better and higher quality services to exhibitors and buyers from all over the world, the Executive Committee has set up a large-scale negotiation area for buyers and sellers on site. Please enter the comfortable negotiation area prepared by the Executive Committee for you to discuss, trade and exchange in detail. The Executive Committee has prepared Hangzhou Yile coffee machine for you, and provides fragrant and delicious coffee free of charge on site

Yiwu machinery industry exhibition has become an indispensable and important stage for the machinery industry. With the help of Yiwu, it has played a positive role for China's machinery enterprises to go global, participate in international competition, and improve their corporate image. It also helps overseas machinery industry enterprises understand the Chinese market, and take advantage of coloring power, thermal conductivity, conductivity, and flame retardancy; It provides a convenient way to enter China. This exhibition aims at serving the whole country and facing the world. It really makes everyone feel the fruitful scene of this autumn, and industry enterprises are looking forward to the arrival of the grand event

: Du Guangjun

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