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Ford's new environmentally friendly paint technology saves 15% of the cost

Ford's new ring 9 Random switching of multiple languages: Simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese and English paint protection technology saves 15% of the cost

September 28, 2007

Ford, the American automobile manufacturing giant, has just tested a new environmentally friendly paint technology, which can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 15% while saving costs

with the improvement of economic level, there are more and more car owners, and the styles of cars are becoming more and more "dazzling". I hope it can help you!. People often marvel at the shiny paint on the car body, but few people pay attention to its manufacturing process. The reason why Ford's new environmentally friendly paint can reduce carbon dioxide emissions is that when painting, this new material does not need the process of "baking paint". You know, in order to make the traditional paint firmly adhere to the car body, it needs to be sprayed three times. The baking process is long, and the baking process needs to consume a lot of energy, which not only indirectly increases carbon dioxide emissions, but also releases some toxic volatile organic compounds. And once the car is scratched, the owner needs to wait a long time to get back his car

therefore, this kind of environmental friendly paint immediately attracted attention from many parties after its introduction. At the international auto body conference in Cannes, France, in June this year, Ford won the "best technology award" with this new technology

using this kind of paint can save the waiting time of car owners, reduce the repair cost and reduce the workload of maintenance workers. Ford said that when the same amount of work was completed, the amount of paint was only 85% of the original amount. The economic benefits are considerable

the environmental protection secret of this new technology is that the proportion of color pigments in its formula is higher. The more color pigments in the paint, the less paint is needed to finish a car. Moreover, this new technology allows continuous spray painting, so the treatment of waste plastic particles will become a hot development in the future. Spray three layers instead of leaving a long drying time in the middle, as in the traditional procedure, which greatly improves the work efficiency

at the annual automobile research and management conference held not long ago, hinritchies made a special report on environmental friendly paint, which caused a shock in the industry, and the new technology was widely praised

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