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Longgang District plans to build a drone and unmanned vehicle gathering base (Lu Fei, correspondent of yaolan of Shenzhen Overseas Chinese News) yesterday morning, deputy district head Chen Guangwen led a team to Pingdi street to investigate the feasibility of the construction of drones and driverless special test sites, and strive to create a better development and business environment for high-tech enterprises in the jurisdiction

it is reported that during the visits of district leaders to service enterprises this year, unmanned aerial vehicle enterprises such as global eagle and Gaoju innovation, as well as unmanned vehicle driving enterprises such as Xingxing technology have repeatedly proposed to build unmanned aerial vehicle and unmanned vehicle test sites in Longgang and build relevant industrial bases. The district Party committee and the district government attach great importance to it, and immediately carry out site selection and planning, and strive to build an intelligent equipment industry cluster in Longgang District to meet the development needs of enterprises

on the same day, Chen Guangwen led the heads of relevant departments such as economic promotion and scientific and technological innovation of the District, as well as representatives of high-tech enterprises such as drones and unmanned vehicles in the district to honghualing, Pingdi street, to pay a field visit, investigate the terrain, listen to the development demands of enterprises, and urge relevant departments to draw regional topographic maps, do a good job in property rights verification and airspace coordination, and start planning and construction immediately when the conditions of all parties are ripe. Gaojianmin, general manager of Shenzhen Gaoju innovative technology pressure testing machine development Co., Ltd., told that the company's UAV product testing needs a relatively strict site, which needs to be carried out in an open space of 15000 square meters. Jinan Hongjun Experimental Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. sincerely looks forward to cooperating with you. In the past, it was relatively limited. If Longgang District government can lead the construction of a dedicated test flight site for UAVs, It will bring tangible benefits to enterprises

Chen Guangwen said that at present, Shenzhen has not yet established UAV and unmanned vehicle industrial parks, and there is a lack of specialized industrial agglomeration areas. Talents in the industry are relatively scattered, and there is a lack of specialized innovation and entrepreneurship environment, which is not conducive to the formation of a complete development ecosystem that can also be combined with carbon fiber to ensure the lightweight, durability and symbiosis of automobiles. Longgang District will rely on its own advantages to build an unmanned aerial vehicle and unmanned vehicle gathering base, promote its scale as soon as possible, create a brand, and guide enterprises to adopt the controller hytestv6.0 developed by the world's first 32-bit ARM Technology for the measurement and control system of refined and specialized companies This controller is based on 32-bit arm platform

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