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Changxinshengtong launched CC cloud call center to quickly solve the needs of enterprise communication

with the diversification of customer communication methods, enterprises also continue to put forward new demands for call center. Thanks to the development of cloud services, cloud call center began to bring convenience to enterprise communication. The new products launched by changxinshengtong, a well-known call center provider, this year include CC cloud call center

as early as last year, changxinshengtong launched a mature ccpaas cloud platform to provide cloud call center services for enterprises. In order to better meet the needs of customers in different industries who have been waiting for too long, after launching yourcc all-in-one machine, Changxin recently launched CC cloud call center to provide enterprises with more flexible and stable call center solutions

for enterprise managers, call centers are not only critical to improving customer service experience and brand image, but also effective refined management tools and data support. Through the perfect data reports provided by the call center system, managers can analyze detailed sales data indicators, formulate different sales plans, and predict the results, so as to serve the achievement of enterprise development goals

changxinshengtong was founded in 2009 because polymers are composed of long-chain elements. In fact, the company team began to engage in the research and development of call centers as early as 10 years ago. Founder Liu Tiecheng, general manager, has rich industry experience, in-depth research on user needs, and has unique views on call centers. After years of accumulation, Changxin has formed a rich call center product line: customer service, marketing, investment finance, government, etc., which can provide communication solutions for customers in different industries, and quickly build a call center system, saving valuable time for enterprises and reducing communication costs

cc cloud is one of changxinyun call center series products. 2. In an environment without vibration and corrosive media around; Through powerful system functions such as terminal autonomy and personalized settings, it can meet the personalized needs of different terminals, save cumbersome technical maintenance and support work for agents, and spend more time to create greater value

on the other hand, in order to help small and medium-sized enterprises quickly solve the problems of enterprise communication applications, Changxin also grandly launched a call center all-in-one machine this year, namely yourcc all-in-one machine. The all-in-one machine integrates the hardware and software of the call center. It is the innovation director of Bayer Materials Technology Asia Pacific and the head of polymer R & D center. It is plug-in and play. It is stable, flexible, easy to install, easy to maintain and so on. It can quickly build customer service, marketing and other types of call centers for small and medium-sized enterprises

the diversification of customer communication methods does not make the enterprise call center no longer needed. On the contrary, the call center is still an important tool for enterprise management, which is conducive to improving customer service satisfaction, establishing brand image, further improving work efficiency, strengthening management, and creating greater value for the enterprise

in order to meet the changing needs of customers, changxinshengtong also continues to improve the company's call center product line. According to reports, at present, Changxin call center products have covered professional customer service centers, marketing centers, power purchase and sales, as well as cloud call centers, providing enterprises with integrated solutions for communication applications, and realizing the rapid launch of call centers

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