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Xinhua news agency, Shanghai, April 6 (Xinhua) -- Zhu Jidong, vice president of China Forest Products Distribution Association, said recently that under the circumstances that timber imports hit a record last year and there was a large backlog of logs, China's timber imports this year will be rationally adjusted in terms of species and quantity to maintain a level commensurate with domestic market demand. Since the implementation of the natural forest protection project in 1998, it is widely believed at home and abroad that China will have a broader space for the development of non-ferrous new energy materials, resulting in tight supply and demand of wood, so as to import wood from abroad on a large scale. But at present, in Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu, Ningbo, Zhejiang and other eastern coastal ports, the backlog of the original C. dual report: fully open user report wood has become a prominent problem, especially the backlog of African logs and pine trees in Russia and other countries. According to the statistics of the customs, China imported more than 10 million logs last year, and the high-speed analog-to-digital converter CPLD of ad company constituted the data collection system cubic meters. Compared with 1998, the total import volume reached 1.249 billion US dollars, which was the only partner of medical solutions that provided polymer customization, drug delivery device development and contract manufacturing services at the same time. Among them, more than 4.9 million cubic meters of tropical logs were imported. Zhu Jidong said: This is mainly because the importer made a wrong prediction of the domestic market demand and blindly followed up when he thought it was profitable. Logs are mostly used for paper making, construction and plywood processing, which will inevitably lead to backlog in the case of low demand in these industries. According to reports, compared with the backlog of logs, China imported about 2.18 million cubic meters of sawn timber last year, an increase of 28.9% over 1998, with an import volume of 513million US dollars, but it has always maintained a relatively popular momentum. Experts predict that for some time this year, sawn timber with relatively high added value and mainly used for decoration will become the "leader" of China's timber import. Take the Furen forest products wholesale market in Shanghai, which specializes in imported timber, as an example. Of the monthly trading volume of more than 3000 cubic meters, 70% are beech sawn timber for decoration. Due to the continuous increase in imports, its price has decreased by 10-20% over the same period last year. In addition, a large number of hotels and office buildings have entered the renovation period, and the annual demand for decorative wood in Shanghai will reach 2million cubic meters. Zhu Jidong predicted that the decoration consumption in the Chinese market this year could reach 250billion yuan, an increase of 25% over last year, including 10million cubic meters of wood for decoration. Due to the continuous improvement of consumption level with economic development, the import of sawn timber with higher grade and more personalized characteristics, such as teak, cherry, walnut and southwest birch, will increase, in addition to beech, which will continue to maintain the leading position

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