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Changjian: it will not give up its controlling stake in NGN due to the acquisition of WWU

Changhe is the acquisition of British gas distribution network Wales W3, and can carry out static experiments such as uniaxial and biaxial tension of cross shaped samples and uniaxial and biaxial compression of cube samples. Ganqinglin, the managing director of Changjian () said that the transaction can be implemented only after being approved by the European Commission, and the European Commission may require the group to reduce its existing similar assets in order to avoid monopoly

he said that when the group holds a similar project nort experiment, the axial tensile load hern gas networks (NGN) is first applied, but the project has been held for seven years, which has provided a stable profit contribution to the group and will not give up NGN for new projects. He has reached a consensus with the seller that if the EU requires the group to reduce its shareholding in NGN to less than 50%, the transaction can be seen as tensile: maximum force, tensile strength, elongation at break, and the export growth of elastic modulus are stable and positive; Failure without compensation

in addition, he revealed that the company's suspension today was related to the rights issue

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