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Longbo central control room won the title of the first batch of "worker pioneer" in China.

on May 29, Lobo group company held a national "worker pioneer" awarding ceremony in Longbo company. This is the national "worker pioneer" named by the General Association for the first time, and only the central control room team of Longbo company and the luhongxun class of China air to air missile research institute won this honor in Luoyang. Ding Jianluo, deputy secretary of the Party committee, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission and chairman of the labor union of the group company, attended the ceremony

at the awarding ceremony, zhaoyanchang, the manager of Longbo company, introduced the spirit of hardworking, innovation and dedication of the staff in the central control room of the company. Luxiaolong, the staff representative of the central control room team of Longbo company, issued an initiative to the front-line production sections and teams of Luobo at the ceremony, suggesting that the majority of employees firmly establish the awareness of reform and innovation, self-improvement and self-reliance, entrepreneurship and practical work, take a clear stand to support and participate in the reform and restructuring of Luobo, and actively participate in the "five cups" labor competition in Luoyang, the "saving Cup" labor competition of the group company, and the theme activities of "striving for the pioneer of workers", Based on their own duties, love their jobs and dedication, constantly enhance their learning ability and innovation ability, focus on the company's goal of creating resource-saving and environment-friendly, carry out in-depth competition activities to create energy-saving and environment-friendly workshops and teams, improve the economic benefits of the enterprise, strive to achieve the goal of reducing the company's energy consumption by 20% during the Eleventh Five Year Plan period, and make more contributions to the realization of the company's stable production and the completion of annual goals and tasks

Ding Jianluo, Ru bang and others hoped that the central control room team of Longbo company would take this opportunity to make persistent efforts, play an exemplary leading role, and strive to achieve greater results based on their own positions. He pointed out that the trade union of the company will issue the "opinions on the implementation of the theme activity of creating the" worker pioneer "in the near future, requiring trade union organizations at all levels to strengthen leadership and careful organization, so as to create good conditions for the activity and ensure the smooth development of the activity. All sections and teams of Lobo should take this awarding ceremony as the starting point, take the team of the central control room of the float workshop of Longbo company as an example, effectively enhance the sense of black smoke and mission of workers, carry out in-depth and solid creation activities, and take the creation of "worker pioneer" as a banner to guide workers to carry forward the fine traditions of the working class, promote the harmonious construction of the company, promote the development of the company as a loud brand, in order to achieve the annual policy and objectives of the company, Make positive contributions

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