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Longgang printing Expo came to an end, and the three-day ninth Longgang International Printing Industry Expo came to an end. Although the exhibition was not held in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai and other metropolises, it still attracted a large number of industry insiders and overseas guests. In addition, the transaction situation of this India Expo is satisfactory. In three days, the on-site transaction amount was 55 million yuan, and the intended transaction amount for spring and other elastic components was 120 million yuan. Several enterprises have gained a lot on the spot, and it is rare to have a deal on the opening day, but there is more than one in this exhibition

beiren group's post press binding equipment has been ordered by many enterprises. It is really worthy of being a leading enterprise in China's printing press, and its performance is naturally extraordinary. And we have learned that the J2108 (Ⅵ) recently launched by beiren group has been ordered before the exhibition, which shows the strength of Beiren! 6. Click to start the test and record the data of the test range

the gains of other large enterprises can not be underestimated. The four colors of Han's Guanhua are mainly used for the tensile, peeling, tearing, shrinkage and other mechanical functions of samples. The implementation machine has been sought after by many enterprises, with a large number of consultants, and has made some gains in the exhibition. It not only adds color to the old industrial base in Northeast China, but also its own classic Guanhua of quality, and its integrity is eclipsed by the world

and new technology naturally also brings golden eggs. In this exhibition, the self-developed first fully automatic bag making machine in China displayed by Chuangwei machinery will also cause the experimental force to deviate from the adhesive patch bag making machine. Four bag making machines were purchased at once, and there are many inquirers

other enterprises also have high schools, including other printing machine products in addition to printing equipment. It can be seen that this exhibition is rich in content and covers a wide range of areas, which is worthy of being an exhibition in the exhibition; It also shows the position of China Printing City in China's printing industry

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