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London Olympic Games is coming, V2 video conference is putting "wings" on green energy conservation

ctiforum July 20 news (Jiaqi): how far is the Olympic Games from us, not far away. The London Olympic Games will begin at the end of this month. The U.S. Olympic Committee announced today that it officially launched a new sustainable development project and named it green ring. The project aims to reduce the impact of the Olympic Games on the environment. According to the statement, the USOC has reached a cooperation agreement with BP target neutral, a non-profit organization under BP, to convert the transportation carbon emissions of the US 2012 London Olympic delegation into a corresponding amount of funds to invest in low-carbon environmental protection projects around the world. The U.S. delegation, with a total of more than 1500 people, will have a total traffic mileage of about 19.31 million kilometers, and carbon dioxide emissions are expected to exceed 4500 tons

not only does the US Olympic Committee pay attention to energy conservation and emission reduction, but China is also determined to speed up the pace of energy conservation and emission reduction. It is reported that the central government has issued 170billion yuan this year for subsidies alone to promote the consumption of energy-saving household appliances. The president of a well-known enterprise has repeatedly said that only energy conservation and emission reduction is the inevitable choice for the survival and development of enterprises. V2 video conference, one of the high-tech manufacturers who have always advocated green, low-carbon, energy conservation and emission reduction, also said that in the era of high technology, green development is a road that enterprises will inevitably choose. Then, can enterprises catch up with the faster and faster pace of energy conservation and emission reduction

for video conferencing, it is impossible to judge whether it has outstanding energy-saving effect only by pictures or publicity, which is also difficult to convince enterprise customers. Whether it is really energy-saving depends on 3. The sliding surface of the inlaid steel plate in contact with the lining plate and the dovetail groove surface on the lining plate should be kept clean. If we compare the various office communication tools that people are using today, it is not difficult to find that V2 video conference is the one that most conforms to the concept of low-carbon life. V2 video conference knows that it will be easier and more economical to reduce energy consumption from the perspective of demand. Therefore, since its establishment 13 years ago, V2 video conference has been focusing on the research and development of new technologies in the field of video conference, aiming to use new technologies to promote enterprises to choose more V2 video conference to replace vehicles, trains, aircraft and other high emission vehicles. According to the manager of V2 video conference, the original intention of the research and development of V2 video conference is to reduce business trips and travel expenses, so as to improve the utilization of time, so as to reduce the resulting energy consumption and achieve the purpose of low-carbon or even zero carbon

v2 video conference, as a mainstream video conference software product in China's local market, has strong audio and video processing capabilities, supports various audio and video protocols such as H.264, and can be seamlessly connected with most mainstream video conference software terminals in the current market. Users can choose the appropriate audio and video protocol according to the actual situation. V2 video conference terminal adopts the industry's advanced H.264 coding method, supports H.263 4cif high-quality video image display, and can provide high-definition image quality for video conference users to realize high-definition V2 video conference

and V2 video conference has rich functions, including camera remote control, multicast, TV wall, multi group conference concurrency, and how many kinds of hardness testers? For high-capacity video conference, users can choose the appropriate module according to their own needs to build a complete V2 video conference platform. V2 video conference data application tools such as electronic whiteboard, application sharing, desktop sharing, instant messaging, document transmission, etc. are also available. Users can use them to meet their different needs, such as V2 video conference remote recruitment, V2 video conference remote training, V2 video conference remote consultation, etc

v2 video conference also has powerful conference data function, which can shorten the time of written documents, notices, orders, commands, etc. issued during decision-making. The file sharing function of V2 video conference can realize the sharing of documents in various formats: PowerPoint, word, Excel, PDF, TXT, flash and the storage of various audio-visual original documents. The server can be used as an independent server, which can be combined with V2 video conference to realize video conference materials Video indexing, storage, on-demand and live broadcast. V2 video conference has an optimized electronic whiteboard, and the decision-making level can timely approve the return ahead; With conference recording function, it can realize real-time synchronous recording of video conference, which is stored in general ASF format. For multi-channel audio and video data and whiteboard and text communication data, it can realize selective recording, and the recorded multimedia data can be synchronously played back at any time

nowadays, driven by the energy conservation and emission reduction policies, the low-carbon economy has obtained the opportunity of rapid development, and has also been valued by many enterprises. Many enterprises that have deployed V2 video conferencing have praised V2 video conferencing as green wings. At present, more and more enterprises have responded to the call of green wings of V2 video conferencing. Nearly 6000 well-known enterprises have been recognized and supported by local governments and have chosen V2 video conferencing, such as China's first level high-pressure sealed Seismological Bureau, Coca Cola, Lenovo holdings, Wal Mart, Galanz Group, Pacific Insurance, DHL Shijiazhuang Electric Power Company, Guangdong Provincial Fire Bureau, Shougang Group, Guangzhou Honda, TCL, Lenovo Group, Nanfang newspaper group, China Telecom Corporation, Taiwan Red Cross Association, Tsinghua University, Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd., Chia Tai Group, Guizhou Moutai, Wahaha Group, etc. have all selected and deployed V2 video conference

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