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Longgang printing industry innovation service complex will be put into use

[local area of China's packaging and printing industry] Longgang's printing industry needs to be transformed and developed. The construction and promotion of Longgang's printing town and printing industry innovation service complex are very concerned because materials can be 3D printed at room temperature. Recently, Longgang Town visited the construction site of Longgang printing industry innovation service complex to understand the recent progress of the project. It is reported that the complex is about to be put into use, and zhubajie printing art headquarters, Haixi branch of Beijing Printing Institute, printing and packaging product testing institute, etc. will be stationed as scheduled

it is understood that since Longgang town has made every effort to promote the transformation and upgrading of the printing industry, it has focused on the construction speed of the printing town and the printing industry innovation service complex, so as to comprehensively promote the overall improvement of Longgang printing industry. At present, the printing industry innovation service complex covers a total area of 8588 square meters, of which the second and third floors cover an area of 4294 square meters. At present, 95% of the decoration works have been completed. Zhubajie printing art headquarters will be settled before January 20 The fourth and second floors are under intense decoration and construction, and will be open for operation before the end of the year. At that time, the Haixi branch of Beijing Institute of printing and packaging, and the printing and packaging product testing institute will be settled. In the next step, Longgang town plans to use Cangnan printing industry innovation service complex as a platform to attract talents, solve printing technology application problems, supplement creative design weaknesses, and promote the innovative development of big data, interconnection and Longgang printing and packaging integration

Longgang Town requires to actively carry out the final work of the project, strictly control the project quality, complete the delivery according to the time node, and do a good job in the service work before the entry of several major platforms to help solve the difficulties encountered in the entry process. It also has good room temperature and high temperature comprehensive mechanical properties. 1. What are the problems of the electronic tensile testing machine that are abnormal? Win a good reputation with good service, and strive to create a new business environment, In order to achieve Longgang's economic transformation and development, we will make new achievements

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