The hottest long carbon chain nylon was successful

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Long carbon chain nylon was successfully developed in Zhengzhou

the research group led by Professor Zhao Qingxiang, School of materials engineering, Zhengzhou University, developed long carbon chain nylon 1212 by using binary acid produced by biological fermentation, which can end China's long-term dependence on foreign imports. The utilization and promotion of high value-added new material products are insufficient. This is the only nylon variety in China's five major engineering plastics that has independent intellectual property rights compared with before, It is also a breakthrough in the production and research of long carbon chain nylon in the world

long carbon chain nylon is a kind of polymer material, which can replace metal products because of its low water absorption, stable size, high strength, good toughness, wear resistance and shock absorption. It is widely used in the fields of machinery, automobile, military, aerospace and people's daily necessities

according to their demonstration of how to expand the scope of technology and use the mechanical and chemical properties of materials, China has been studying long carbon chain nylon since the late 1960s. The nylon 1212 developed by Zhao Qingxiang and others over the years has further raised the attention of the world engineering plastics industry in terms of manufacturing technology and overall strength, and won this year's "DuPont science and Technology Innovation Award". The large-scale production of nylon 1212 has been listed in the national "high-tech industrialization demonstration project" and has been listed in the national "Tenth Five Year" development plan

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