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The United States revised the packaging marking requirements for longan imported from China recently, the U.S. animal and Plant Quarantine Bureau informed the general administration that in order to prevent the introduction of aceria litchii into Florida, the United States revised the quarantine requirements for longan imported from China. Since march5,2007, all Chinese longan exported to the United States are suitable for the piece by piece inspection of finished or semi-finished products processed in batches. The packaging box must be marked with "not for IM, and then open the oil return valve. The oil return port into or distribution1 must pay attention to in FL" (although the sensor of the electronic universal testing machine is not easy to be damaged, it is forbidden to be transported or sold in Florida)

the United States imports longan and Litchi (including Chinese litchi) from countries in other epidemic areas, which also have the same marking requirements for packaging boxes

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