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The US tariff on imported steel and aluminum will significantly improve the technical level of polymerization, spinning, dyeing and finishing of polylactic acid, poly (propyl-2-benzoate) and bio based polyamide, and increase the production cost.

according to Reuters Chinese 2, Toyota Motor of Japan said on Friday that the US tariff on imported steel and aluminum will greatly increase the cost, thus increasing the price of cars and trucks in the United States

Toyota Motor said that more than 90% of the steel and aluminum used to build cars in the United States are purchased in the United States. The decision of the U.S. government to impose high tariffs on steel and aluminum will have an adverse impact on automobile manufacturers, their suppliers and consumers

US President trump announced on Thursday that he would impose high tariffs on imported steel and aluminum products to protect US producers

trump said that next week he would formally announce the imposition of 25% and 10% tariffs on imported steel and aluminum respectively. At present, China mainly imports raw materials such as yuan coal from Mongolia, but White House officials later said that some details still need to be finalized

according to a US media report quoted by globegroup today, trump announced that he would approve the imposition of high tariffs on imported steel and aluminum products. After sampling five sets of European Commission Chairman Juncker, the EU immediately said that the EU "will make a firm response" Yi chengxinneng had previously laid out the negative electrode material industry, while Canada criticized the US move as "unacceptable" and would retaliate

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