The most popular US trade union indicates that it

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The US trade union hinted that it wanted to boycott more Chinese products

the US trade union hinted that Obama's move to impose tariffs on Chinese tires polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) is a transparent high molecular inert organic polymer with high light transmittance (92%), good diopter, stable properties The advantages of convenient processing make it the most widely used material in artificial cornea, which may lead more industries in the United States to launch a boycott of made in China. The Global Times quoted foreign media reports that Leo Gerrard, chairman of the iron workers' Association of United Steel in recent years, said: we are concerned about the situation of paper, glass, cement, steel and other industries. He called this kind of phenomenon "superplasticity" and said that the U.S. market has been filled with China's oil pipelines, as well as industries such as steel, toys, medicine and dog food. He hinted that he would call on the US government to regularly inspect the government and launch more actions against made in China. The trade union, which has 850000 members, initially attacked Chinese tires

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