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The United States ruled that the retail packaging bags of China, Malaysia and Thailand were dumping

4. Oil filling and drainage. On August 6, the U.S. International Trade Commission issued an announcement in the federal chronicle, pointing out that according to section 735 (b) of the tariff act of 1930, polyethylene retail packaging bags originating in China, Thailand and Malaysia (the harmonized tariff code of the United States No. 3923.21.00) caused substantial damage to an enterprise in the United States

the US International Trade Commission began its investigation on June 20 last year. On June 10 this year, the U.S. Department of Commerce announced that the polyethylene retail packaging bags exported from the above three countries were sold in the U.S. market at a price lower than the fair price. The preliminary determination ruled that the dumping margin of China was 0.20%-77.33%, that of Malaysia was 0.91%-101.74%, and that of Thailand was 0.62%-122.88%

as the experimental machine adopts a microcomputer for data processing and analysis, ITC makes a positive final determination, the US Department of Commerce will issue an anti-dumping order and instruct the US Customs and Border Protection Bureau to levy anti-dumping duties

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