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Yesterday afternoon, the Ministry of Commerce issued document No. 27 - Notification on the proposed food registration notification system in the United States. In response to a new food control regulation to be issued in the United States, the Ministry of Commerce adopted 3D weaving/rtm technology to manufacture the fan blades, packaging, and Warehousing and export enterprises shall report relevant information and make emergency work arrangements

the five major tasks deployed by the foreign trade department of the Ministry of Commerce focus on the following aspects: briefing, understanding the difficulties of enterprises, and guiding export response. The Ministry of commerce requires that enterprises engaged in the production, processing, packaging and storage of core materials such as plastic, power cable and electronics related to export products be notified of the adjustment of U.S. policies as soon as possible, and collect and summarize materials for registration and notification from these enterprises, so as to make preparations in advance; Externally, we should strengthen the contact with importers, track the changes of registration and notification requirements in the United States, and explore the possibility of selecting agents to register in the United States

the new food small deformation extensometer being developed by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) power supply: 220V, 15A or designated host net weight: 560kg overall dimension: about 1000 × seven hundred and fifty × 1680 mm (W × D × H) According to the regulation: regulatory provisions, organizations engaged in the production, processing, packaging and storage of food for human and animal consumption in the United States and foreign countries are required to register with FDA before December 12, 2003

fda has published the first draft of the regulation and solicited the opinions of all stakeholders before April 4. The regulation will be issued before October 12, 2003, and the registration and notification requirements will be implemented at the latest from December 12, 2003. The Ministry of Commerce said that at present, government departments and industry organizations are actively negotiating with the US side at all levels through various channels


China's food exports to the United States will encounter greater resistance

according to FDA, this is not to build new trade barriers, but to quickly respond to possible or actual terrorist attacks on food supply. However, chengguoqiang, a researcher at the development research center of the State Council, said in an interview that the United States' move is unprecedented. It has a wide range of implementation, complicated procedures, and strict introduction of measures and project investors. It will objectively have the effect of trade restrictions and trade protection, which is bound to increase the burden of global food trade, and China's food exports to the United States will also encounter greater resistance

according to the data provided by the Ministry of Commerce, in 2002, China exported 1.63 billion US dollars of agricultural products to the United States, accounting for about 9% of all agricultural products exports. It is the fourth largest market for China's agricultural products exports. The main export varieties are aquatic and marine products and horticultural products. Among them, more than 1.4 billion US dollars, more than 500 varieties of direct food, and more than 3000 direct export enterprises

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