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Many owners don't know much about the waterproof engineering of home decoration, but they also know the importance of waterproof engineering in the decoration of kitchen and bathroom. But what are the key points to pay attention to when carrying out waterproof decoration? Wuhan home decoration network editor is willing to share decoration information with you:

decoration waterproof engineering is essential:

hydropower transformation is a necessary link in home decoration, but in the process of transformation, it will inevitably cause damage to the waterproof layer made by building developers. Strengthening the decoration waterproof project can not only protect the property safety of your home, but also avoid disputes between neighbors caused by water leakage, so the housing decoration waterproof project is essential

four key points of decoration waterproof Engineering:

first, if you need to replace the original floor tiles in the toilet, you must first level the ground with cement mortar, and then do waterproof treatment, so as to avoid leakage caused by uneven thickness of waterproof paint. Before waterproofing, the ground must be cleaned and painted twice or three times with polyurethane waterproof paint

II. Do not damage the original waterproof layer

the floors of newly delivered buildings, toilets, bathrooms and kitchens have waterproof layers made in accordance with relevant regulations. Therefore, without damaging the original waterproof layer, leakage will generally not occur after occupancy. The common problem now is that some bathroom bathing facilities will be added in the decoration and a variety of water supply and drainage pipelines will be rearranged or moved, which has seriously damaged the original waterproof layer of the building. However, there is no repair or re waterproof construction, so that the problem is found after leakage

III. water pipe grooves in the wall should also be waterproof

during the construction process, when pipes, floor drains, etc. pass through the floor slab, the waterproof layer around the hole must be carefully constructed. The water pipes shall be buried in the wall, and the layout shall be reasonable. The water pipes shall be laid with grooves larger than the pipe diameter, and the plastering in the grooves shall be smooth, and then the grooves shall be painted with polyurethane waterproof paint

IV. use the 24-hour "water storage test" to check and accept the waterproof

after the waterproof project is completed, seal the door and water outlet, fill the toilet floor with water to a certain liquid level, and mark it. If the liquid level does not drop significantly within 24 hours, especially if there is no leakage on the roof of the house downstairs, the waterproof is qualified. If the acceptance is unqualified, the waterproof works must be redone as a whole and then re accepted

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