If you also love literature and art, Kexiang Winst

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Kexiang Winston series, taking into account the feelings of vision and touch, is natural, environmentally friendly and reveals a thick cultural atmosphere, so as to create a unique space atmosphere

if you also love literature and art, Kexiang Winston is beautiful and natural, honest and personalized, which integrates everything in the world. The tree rings with different shapes, the pure brown ripples gradually dissipate, the bark gradually deepens and the dark circles under the eyes, and the wind of the rainforest has called on thousands of soldiers; After years of baptism, the stone road, dark dark cyan, the deep traces carved on it as time passes, slowly extends to the distance

like Xiaobian, have you been deeply moved by the originality of the designer? "Love at the first touch", with the use of tension color and wood, makes the space full of wild flavor and slightly sexy

if you also like such a unique decoration style, you can choose the wallpaper with "Winston Winston" plaid pattern of Kexiang. The whole picture is not decorated with too many elements. The connection between lines is clear, and the clever collocation of colors makes each work look natural and beautiful. For friends with personality and artistic style, choosing it can taste the massiness of culture without gorgeous color rendering

"Winston Winston" series is atmospheric, stable, and extracts various natural elements to create unique products. Non woven materials, foaming technology, giving consideration to visual and tactile feelings, natural, environmental protection and reveal a thick cultural atmosphere, so as to create a unique space atmosphere

recommended collocation suggestions:

decoration style: modern style

applicable space: living room, dining room

collocation combination: retro, primitive, atmospheric wood furniture

ground: dark or central colored wood floor, marble floor tiles

Accessories: wooden photo frame, wooden original creative small home, all kinds of retro lamps

Company Profile

Zhejiang Kexiang wallpaper Manufacturing Co., Ltd., which is specialized in wallpaper research and development The group company that produces and sells. It has three major brands: Kexiang wallpaper, Kadiya wallpaper and Christie (USA) wallpaper, and more than 1000 franchise terminals are distributed in all levels of the country. With a total area of more than 100 mu, the factory has more than 10 world-class production lines and an annual output of tens of millions of square meters, ranking in the forefront of the industry over the years. The company's products cover all kinds of home decoration, high and low-grade engineering, and sell well in China. At the same time, they are exported to various markets in Europe, America, Africa and Asia

company vision

to be the first brand of Chinese wallpaper

business philosophy

1. With the purposes of "dedicated research and development", "dedicated manufacturing", "dedicated promotion", "considerate service" and "assured consumption", build consumer brands

2. Constantly innovate and lead the trend of the industry




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