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As one of the necessary household items in smart family life, electric curtains can protect the owner's privacy and protect the sun and dust. Traditional curtains need to be manually opened and closed, which is more troublesome. Electric curtains are very convenient, and they can be opened and closed only by gently pressing with your hand

home electric curtain is one of the necessary household items in smart family life, and the role of electric curtain can protect the owner's personal privacy and sunshade and dust-proof function, while the traditional curtain needs to be opened and closed manually, which is more troublesome. Electric curtain is very convenient, and it can be opened and closed only by gently pressing with your hand. Next, the editor will introduce the purchase of household electric curtains and the characteristics of household electric curtains

purchase of household electric curtain

1. Select motor

good electric curtain can see the motor of the curtain. The motor of electric curtain can be divided into tubular motor, opening and closing curtain motor, shutter motor, Roman curtain motor, etc

2. Fabric

the choice of fabric for electric curtain is very learned. If you want to choose lighting conditions with good effect, sunshine fabric is the best choice. Using sunshine fabric, you can clearly see outdoors indoors, but you can't see indoors outdoors; If the outdoor light is strong and needs to block the sun, you can choose the full shading fabric with good shading performance, so as to achieve the best shading effect

3. Accessories

the quality of accessories for electric curtains is better. If it is an electric Roman curtain, it is best to choose a rib winder, which rolls smoothly, and there will be no situation of left high right low or right high left low, which will affect the beauty; The ordinary pull rope is suspended for a long time, and it is easy to deform, embrittle and break after being exposed to the sun and rain

4. Production process

the production process of electric curtains will affect the practicality and aesthetics of products. From the details, we can see the production process of products, the surface treatment process of tracks, the cutting process of fabrics, the elasticity of leaves, the treatment of blade cuts, etc

5. Choose brands

electric curtains should choose big brands. Don't choose brands with low popularity for the sake of cheapness. In this way, the quality is not guaranteed, and the after-sales service is not very good

6. Function selection

it is necessary to select fully functional electric curtains, have extended interface modules, and be able to execute the commands issued by the system

features of household electric curtains

1. Timed automatic switch

household electric curtains can be switched on and off regularly every day, which is very convenient, eliminating the massage room where users pull the curtains by themselves, and it is time-saving and practical

2. Anti theft function

household electric curtains have anti-theft function, which can be switched on and off regularly, creating the illusion that people live every day, so as to prevent criminals from thinking illegally. It can also be operated by buttons, and can be remotely controlled by mobile phones, which is multi-mode, convenient and faster

3. It can be operated separately

household electric curtains can be operated separately. You can choose to open the cloth curtain or the gauze curtain freely, which can be carried out at the same time. It is fast and convenient, so that the curtains can be controlled easily

editor's summary: that's all about the purchase of household electric curtains and the characteristics of household electric curtains. I hope it will be helpful to you. You can pay attention to information if you want to know more about it

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