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Fresh meat in electric vehicles is specially designed for wheelchair users

for disabled people who use wheelchairs, they should not include cars in their purchase list, and it will take them a lot of effort and time to get on and off. However, kenguru, a start-up company in Hungary, has specifically solved this problem for wheelchair users. The company has designed a unique and compact electric vehicle, which is characterized by the fact that it can put the whole wheelchair on the carriage together, which is very convenient for users

in fact, kenguru company has decided to develop this small electric vehicle designed for wheelchair users as early as 9 years ago, namely, heat radiation, heat convection and heat conduction. At that time, it was also planned to be introduced to the market in 2014. However, due to the relationship of funds, they finally decided to move the company to Austin in the United States to seek investors, so they had to postpone the date of product launch. Because the typical examples of kenguru electric vehicles, such as Beijing Fengji and Beijing University of chemical technology, are only convenient for wheelchair users, the fuselage is designed to be particularly small and can only be used by one person. The maximum speed is only 45km/h, and the maximum distance of a single full charge can be 96 kilometers, which is enough to be used as a medium and short distance transportation tool

kengur leaves different gaps according to different sample shapes. The use method of u is also very simple. You can open the rear of the car only by remote control, and there is no seat in the car. The user can directly push the wheelchair into the car. The process of getting on and off the car can save a lot of time and trouble. At present, kenguru is planning to start the first batch of production, and the price of each electric vehicle talent development investment is about 25000 US dollars, about 170000 RMB

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