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Sulfur free color protection fresh and clean vegetable lotus root preservation technology

Hubei is located in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, with crisscross rivers, dense lakes, crisscross ditches, and numerous reservoirs and ponds. The area of low-lying lakes and low-lying areas in the province is more than 10 million mu. These places have been at the forefront of water disasters for a long time, and the planting and breeding benefits are extremely poor, but they are very beneficial to the planting of lotus roots. Hubei Province has fertile soil and sufficient light. The lotus root produced in Hubei Province is of good quality and is well-known all over the world. It is deeply welcomed by consumers at home and abroad. Therefore, the pendulum angle of this pendulum impact experimental machine has good repeatability at 40o. Lotus root is rich in nutrition, and the whole body is treasure. It has good edible, medicinal, beauty, greening and ornamental values, and is an excellent agricultural product for export to earn foreign exchange. Although lotus root has high economic value, for a long time, because it is very easy to brown and rot, Hubei, a high-quality and advantageous resource, cannot play its due role. On the basis of our past work, we selected internationally recognized gras shoulder samples to adopt suspension structures (generally reconniated as safe), color preservation agents and AI grade fungicides (fungicides are mainly composed of strong safety, and color preservation agents are mainly composed of calcium chloride, sodium pyrophosphate, citric acid and phytic acid). After peeling and degumming, lotus roots were treated, vacuum packed, and observed, The treated lotus root can also be used as a mandrel chain when it is cold at 0-5 ℃, and the fresh-keeping period can reach 60-90 days. At 5-15 ℃, the fresh-keeping period can reach 30-45 days. Its color, aroma, taste and shape remain basically unchanged

source: technical consulting department of Sanming Productivity Promotion Center

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