Fresh keeping methods of the hottest daily foods

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Fresh keeping methods for several daily foods

beef: Boil the beef in a solution containing lemon twist and a small amount of potassium for twoorthree minutes, remove it and save it. The fresh-keeping time is long, and the freshness and nutrients will not be reduced

fresh shrimp: boil it with boiling water or oil first, and then put it into the refrigerator for storage

bread: put a fresh celery in the food bag containing bread to keep fresh


① summer, During the operation of the anchor fatigue testing machine, 1 must pay attention to whether the parts are loose. When cooking, add 2 ~ 3 ml vinegar every 1500 grams of rice, and the cooked rice can prevent rancidity. ② when cooking, put a piece of ginger in the pot, and the cooked rice can be kept for a day without deterioration.


① boil the salted water, after cooling, immerse the tofu, which can be stored for several days.

② soak the tofu with 50% edible hot alkaline water for 15 ~ 30 minutes, Rinse it with clean water, and it can be stored for one week without acid

③ if the tofu turns sour, soak the tofu in 50% edible hot alkaline water for 20 ~ 30 minutes, and rinse it with clean water, and the sour smell can be removed immediately


① add some salt to the milk that cannot be opened and closed continuously in a short time, which can prevent the milk from turning sour. The specific tolerance value must extend the milk preservation time from the basic size range

② the best temperature for storing milk is 5 ~ 8 ℃, and fresh milk is 4 ℃

honey: it can be kept fresh for 6 months at the temperature of 4 ~ 6 ℃

coriander: cut off all the roots of fresh coriander, remove rotten leaves and yellow leaves, spread them out and dry for 1 ~ 2 days, and then braid them into long braids thick and thin sausage, hang them in the shade and dry them for a long time. When eating, soak it in warm water

leftovers: pour out the soup and put a few pieces of it. The definition of yielding is also different. The peeled raw garlic will not become sour until the next meal

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