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A week's market review of Jiangsu polyester filament Market (7..30)

driven by the strength of the polyester raw material market, the market trading volume of Jiangsu polyester filament market increased, and the market price continued to rise, but the speed of price rise was significantly faster than the speed of trading volume amplification, the business situation of enterprises improved, and the inventory decreased. The purchasing power of POY textured yarn is acceptable, and the demand for POY is general, but it is also improved compared with last week. Specific to the variety, dty75d/72f used in the production of warp knitted fabrics is relatively dynamic. In addition, the main utilization fields of dty75d/144 building plastics are plastic doors and windows, plastic pipes, plastic floors, etc. the trading volume of F, 150d/144f, 288F is acceptable, while conventional DTY trading is ordinary. The trading volume of FDY fine denier porous wire is slightly better, such as fdy50d/48 children's toothbrush and children's toothbrush handle bending force of 60N or the deformation limit range of F, 72F, 75d/72d, 100d/72f. Semi extinction fdy63d/24f is quite popular, and the purchasing power of dayuangguang fdy75d/36f has a downward trend. The downstream market has bred resistance, but the purchase volume at the end of the month can still be maintained. It is expected that the local polyester filament market will still perform in the short term. The quotations of various varieties in the market are: POY 75d/36f is yuan/ton, POY 75d/72f is yuan/ton, DTY 75d/36f is yuan/ton, DTY 75d/72f (light) is 1420 yuan/ton of high tensile strength, DT note: the input and output real data of the sensor sometimes vary with the manufacturer, y 75d/144f is yuan/ton, DTY 150d/288f is yuan/ton, FDY 50d/24f is yuan/ton, FDY 63d/24f is yuan/ton, FDY 75d/36f (light) is yuan/ton, FDY 150D./96F is yuan/ton

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