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Fresh keeping packaging of banana products in storage and transportation

I. factors affecting banana storage

1 Its own factor

has respiratory jump (peak): the respiratory peak is accompanied by the increase of ethylene content

variety and fruit plumpness: (storage performance: over ripening)

2 Cultivation factors

and investment in this field environmental conditions: high groundwater level, fruit is not resistant to storage; The underground water level is low, and the fruit is resistant to storage

3. Storage diseases (postharvest factors)

(1) diseases caused by microorganisms:

① banana shaft rot: caused by anthrax and fungi

prevention: do not take the banana shaft when cutting the banana, and treat the banana with chemicals after cutting (1000ppm carbendazim or tobujin soaking the fruit)

② fruit stalk rot:

prevention: light mining to avoid various mechanical injuries; Drug treatment (1000ppm tektor or brexite soaking)

③ fruit anthracnose:

A: latent type: the fruit is infected with bacteria when it is immature, and the disease occurs during storage

b: non latent type: infection of bacteria after harvest

symptoms: there are dark brown and spots on the surface of the fruit, which gradually expand into massive decay

prevention: Harvest lightly to avoid mechanical injury; Pay attention to Qingyuan; Bagging after bud breaking

(2) physiological diseases:

① chilling injury: storage "Ian believes that the temperature is too low during storage

symptoms: the peel is dark black, gray, dark black after ripening, the pulp is hard, and the flesh is difficult to separate; It tastes like starch. ℃, long-term storage at ℃ without reinforcing tablets, prone to disease

② high temperature and low temperature injury: (temperature: 3 ~ 38 ℃, humidity <80%, easy to get sick =

③ high CO2 toxicity: too high CO2 causes bananas to produce peculiar smell.

II. Banana storage and transportation technology

⑴ harvesting method: select a complete leaf and lay it on the ground, cut the banana shaft, comb the shaft down, and remove the poor quality tail banana or yellow banana.

⑵ drug treatment:

(1) put the fruit into a clean water pool, Wash away the secreted milk

(2) agents: carbendazim, tobuzin, imazazole

⑶ packaging:

① put the fruit in 0.03 ~ 0.05mm thick film bag

② add ethylene absorbent (KMnO4) into the bag or container

③ absorb too much carbon dioxide:

⑷ storage and transportation:

① refrigeration: t:12 ~ 14 ℃, R: 90 ~ 95%

② controlled atmosphere storage:

A. spontaneous controlled atmosphere: put bananas into 0.03 ~ 0.05mm thick film bags

b. artificial air conditioning: o2=2 ~ 3% co2:0 ~ 5%

source: Hubei fortune Network Co., Ltd.

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