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The propaganda Youth League Committee vigorously creates a learning atmosphere among the youth of the league members

the propaganda Youth League Committee vigorously creates a learning atmosphere among the youth of the league members

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the Youth League Committee of the propaganda engineering company held a youth symposium to conscientiously implement the spirit of the group's business work conference and the speech of chairman Yu Yong, and stimulate the confidence and high morale of young grass-roots workers to achieve the annual comprehensive profit goal

the symposium focused on the theme of "striving to learn advanced, learning skills, and learning knowledge", closely focused on the key work of the company, strengthened the foundation of youth work, paid attention to the ideological guidance of young workers, turned off the auto parts experimental machine to automatically analyze and process the experimental results, paid attention to the needs of youth work, built a youth learning platform, encouraged youth to grow and become talents, and made learning a vivid classroom to improve the quality of youth. "Striving to learn advanced" is to take Cheng Gang, the fourth top ten outstanding youth of the group company, as an example, play an exemplary and leading role, guide the Youth League members to learn, compare and compete in work, and strive to create a good atmosphere of learning advanced, striving to be advanced and surpassing advanced. "Rush to learn skills" means to guide young people to take post success as the core, combine it with the production and operation of the company, encourage and organize young workers to actively participate in post training, small-scale reform and skill competitions, systematically learn post operation procedures and safe operation skills, and improve the comprehensive quality of driving the post. "Extensive learning of knowledge" means that by regularly organizing and carrying out learning activities in political theory, situation and tasks, history and geography, humanities and Social Sciences, corporate culture, fine management, posts or indistinguishable skills, safe production and other aspects, it provides a learning place for the majority of young people, builds an exchange platform, stabilizes young workers' thoughts, and promotes and creates a strong atmosphere for all people to learn

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