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A brief introduction to the one week market of China Plastics' spot PP (February 2-february 6)

this week, the PE market was strongly pushed up by petrochemicals, and the market rose significantly, with the quotation rising by yuan/ton. The downstream factory has limited commencement, and the turnover follow-up is not obvious. By the end of this weekend, at 00:00 on the upper supply shaft, China's plastic price index was 834.59 points, up 3.11 points from yesterday. The China Plastics spot index rose slightly to 896.11 points, up 5.88 points from yesterday

I. upstream information review:

as of the week of February 6, WTI crude oil on the New York commodity futures exchange rose by $0.85/barrel, down $0.46/barrel to $41.17/barrel from the previous trading day. Brent crude oil rose $2.31 per barrel, up $0.07 per barrel to $46.46 per barrel from the previous trading day

II. Market Review:

after the Spring Festival, petrochemicals continued to raise factory prices, which greatly stimulated the hype of businesses that the calcium and phosphate produced by its decomposition in the body can be absorbed by the newly formed bone tissue, effectively driving the rise of the market and the average variable of the lowest friction coefficient (the need for safe assembly). However, the demand is still bleak, and there are not many downstream factories started. It is expected that factories will start construction one after another before and after the Lantern Festival. The overall transaction situation of the market is weak. However, in the case of rising PP prices, a few manufacturers have to passively accept high price sources. Judging from the current situation, traders' enthusiasm for speculation remains unabated, and their expectations for the future market are high

in terms of petrochemicals, petrochemical manufacturers have raised their ex factory prices after the holiday, which has driven the market up. At present, petrochemicals' determination to continue to drive up still exists

in terms of devices, Shanghai Petrochemical first-line plan to switch to f800e; Dimerization produces f280s; Trimer production y2600t. Panjin Ethylene PP plant shut down on December 9, 2008 due to insufficient raw materials, and the start-up time is pending. It is reported that the start-up time may be set in April

III. trend forecast for next week:

an example has attracted laughter - in order to sell a good price in Europe 2 handcart yard

analysis of this week's PP market, the degree of demand is naturally bleak. Needless to say, factories may start construction in succession after the Lantern Festival, and the factory operating rate before the festival will not be greatly improved. At present, a few manufacturers only passively receive goods in order to catch up with orders. However, the speculative demand is strong, and the reason is that the strong rise of petrochemicals makes everyone optimistic. Petrochemical late action is the most important factor affecting the late market. Under the current circumstances, it is impossible for petrochemicals to reduce production. At present, there is no doubt that the ex factory price of petrochemicals will rise to 8000 yuan/ton. Whether petrochemicals can continue to rise in the later stage will have a great impact on the market. It is expected that the market will still have some room for growth in the later period

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