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Introduction to the performance of several water-based glazing oils

Kunshan Yongtai printing materials Co., Ltd. ss-101w high brightness water-based glazing oil

ss-101w is a novel water-based glazing oil with modified acrylic resin as the main body. It is a new type of high-quality water-based film blowing machine that is non-toxic, pollution-free and meets the requirements of environmental protection and resource recovery. New film blowing machines produced in the machinery manufacturing industry include sheet film blowing machine PE foam film blowing machine, multi-layer composite film blowing machine, color bar film blowing machine, heat shrinkable film blowing machine and other polishing oils have been inspected by the health department and meet the gb7916-87 health standard. The product is characterized by good brightness, strong texture, soft vision, lasting and non fading light, scratch and wear resistance, certain heat and water resistance, good workability such as collision, strong wettability, high transfer rate, fast drying speed, good processing adaptability after obtaining the consent of customers, easy box pasting and bronzing, suitable for online or off machine glazing of various types of glazing machines

Kunshan Yongtai printing materials Co., Ltd. uv-100suv glazing oil

uv-100s is a kind of UV glazing oil with epoxy resin as the main body, which will cure into a stable state after ultraviolet irradiation. This product can be used for paper glazing, and has the characteristics of high brightness, no fading, high wear resistance, rapid drying, etc. Compared with traditional glazing oil, it has the following advantages: space saving, personnel reduction, fast production, stable quality and no fading after glazing. In addition, the varnish significantly improves the smoothness of the printing surface after UV curing, which will meet the requirements of UV printing for high surface smoothness

Shenzhen shengyuanming Industrial Co., Ltd. - UV varnish S-130

UV varnish S-130 is a UV hardening coating composed of unsaturated resin, photoinitiator and reactive solvent. The product has excellent color development and adhesion, low odor and easy to use. It is the top product in UV varnish at present. Using this kind of paint to polish prints can improve the quality and production speed of prints. This product is mainly applicable to the printing of coated paper, white paper and gold and silver cardboard. Because of its stable quality and affordable price, it has a high market share at present. (Wen/Yang Shan)

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