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Introduction to the performance of anti-static and conductive packaging materials

I: conductive polyethylene film

model: BCPE

should be repaired in time

purpose: for the packaging of electrostatic sensitive products. It is widely used in microelectronics industry, aerospace, military industry, textile industry and other fields, such as electronic components (devices), optoelectronic products 1, product research products, but also needs to pay more attention to the protection and maintenance of equipment and daily cleaning work, optoelectronic integrated products and the packaging of ammunition and other dangerous products

appearance: black, opaque

performance: it has long-lasting and particularly stable anti-static performance, high mechanical strength and excellent heat sealing performance

specification: film thickness from table and 30 ~ 200 μ M.

the film folding diameter is 150 ~ 2000mm. (it can also be processed into packaging bags according to customer requirements)

typical physical performance



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tensile strength

tense strength

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