Brief introduction to the six production principle

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Design Garden: a brief introduction to the six production principles of poster printing

1 Simplicity: the image and color must be simple and clear (that is, simplicity)

2. The maximum force, bending force, uniform peeling force, maximum deformation, bending point, elastic modulus and other parameters of the calculated data are unified: whether the shape and color of the poster are overshoot or too large@ 11. Whether the belt and tension are just right; Color must be harmonious and have a unified coordination effect

3. Balance: the whole picture needs to have a sense of courage and balance effect

4. Sales focus: the constituent elements of posters must be simplified, and the key points should be selected as far as possible to show

5 Surprise: posters should be surprisingly innovative in both form and content, with a strong surprise effect

6. Skills: poster design requires a high level of performance skills, which cannot be ignored in both drawing and printing

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