Conditions under which the hottest machine creates

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Conditions under which the machine produces mechanical hazards

conditions under which mechanical energy (kinetic energy and potential energy) is transferred and transformed out of control, the moving carrier or container is damaged, and accidental contact of personnel makes the occurrence of mechanical hazards. When identifying the hazards generated by the machinery itself and during the use of the machinery, it is necessary to analyze the dangerous conditions of the machinery, so as to eliminate the root causes of the hazards or reduce the frequency of accidents and reduce the degree of injury. The mechanical dangerous conditions produced by the machine mainly include the following points:

1, shape and surface performance, "songwangqiu said. Cutting elements: the friction resistance of the sharp edge pressure testing machine is mainly generated in the angular part between the working cylinder and the working piston, and the rough or too smooth surface

2. Relative position Sharma and business partner crispan. Dangerous area, relative position or distance that may come into contact with moving parts

3. Quality and stability. The potential energy of moving parts under the influence of gravity shall not impact or stop, and the center of gravity is unstable and unbalanced due to uneven mass distribution

4, mass and velocity (acceleration). Impulse of kinetic energy, velocity and acceleration of parts in controllable or uncontrollable motion

5. Mechanical strength. Due to insufficient mechanical strength, zero (member) member is broken, container is damaged or structural member collapses

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