Concept of the most popular portable punch

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The concept of portable punch

it becomes too complex and overt

the portable punch includes a cylinder control response to a piston rod, and a metal workpiece with a hole in the piston rod driven by a punching mechanism. The punching mechanism includes a positioning block fixedly fixed to the cylinder. The positioning block has a plurality of bottom notches, and is adapted to the cylinder receiving the piston rod through a central hole, a starting block, To adapt to the starting block of the piston rod moving after the relative positioning of the moving workpiece is blocked, there are a plurality of peripheral gaps with a depth of not less than 30cm plus metal workpieces, as well as the gap between the two sides of the guide hole, and a plurality of stamping dies TPU are used for the metal workpieces with adjustment holes made by the 1 series of 3D printing tools. Each stamping die assembly includes the starting block with a barrel installed in a guide hole, This is a set of spring washing machine installed on the bottom positioning block of a notch. A punch is connected to the bottom positioning block of a notch through the 1-series transmission commemorative head mechanism and the [photoelectric encoder] installed on the top of the measurement installation. The punch is installed on the bottom positioning block of a notch by inserting a set of spring washing machine and gun barrel, as well as the starting block and barrel of the guide hole of one of the punch dies

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