Condition monitoring system of No. 1 caster in WIS

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WISCO 1casting machine equipment status monitoring system

the original 1casting machine electrical equipment control system of our plant is a traditional relay contactor control mode. The man-machine dialogue is indicator light + button + buzzer. The working state of the system, fault handling and equipment monitoring, maintenance and operation personnel can only find the fault point by experience and passivity. This is not suitable for our fast-paced production and timely handling of equipment failures. During the electrical transformation and overhaul of unit 1, a set of equipment status monitoring system shall be established at the same time, so that the professional maintenance personnel can more intuitively and comprehensively master the equipment operation status, deal with the faults in time, and avoid various equipment accidents. Reduce the failure rate and make the P, l and C systems of the caster more perfect and more efficient

I. system composition

the automation part adopts the latest quantum series 140- - type products of Schneider

it can be seen from the system diagram of 135; caster that the system is divided into 4 PLC master stations and 3 PLC slave stations. Establish Modbus Plus for PLC station to connect PLC and industrial computer. With communication function. Among them, CPU 11303 has strong functions, the clock frequency is 20MHz, ram is 512k bytes

with two communication interfaces, MODBUS is the communication interface with the programmer

modbus plus is the communication interface, eliminating the special communication module, which is a major feature of quantum series PLC

the industrial computer replaces the programmer. No matter where the PLC station is, the system can be programmed through the industrial computer to implement control and monitoring. At the same time, there are two industrial computers. One set is placed in the electrical duty room for monitoring, and one set is placed in the workshop technical team to replace the technicians to go to the site to understand the operation status of field equipment. 1. Volume selection when the tested products (components, components, parts or complete machine) are put into the climate environment box for experiments, the work efficiency of professionals is greatly improved. It has become a reality that first-hand data can be collected without going to the site. The PLC address of each station in the network is determined by toggling the small button on the CPL host panel. The connection between industrial computer and mb+ network must be realized through sa85 card. The PCI slots of the three industrial PCs are equipped with sa85 cards. When installing cards and drivers, pay attention to the allocation address of their interrupt vectors, and do not conflict with the allocation address of interrupt vectors of other hardware devices

II. System functions and characteristics

mb+ network has established the hardware foundation for the equipment monitoring system. The production of monitoring pictures must be realized by powerful software. The picture production is made by fix 6.0, in tllution's fix software contains a large number of powerful graphical tools, which allows users to quickly and intuitively establish a real-time window of the picture process. Users can easily obtain real-time process information through this window. They can operate both in the control room and in the office to better manage, repair and maintain the equipment

2.1 Use of monitoring interface

the monitoring interface is the main part of man-machine dialogue. Its production is mainly based on the layout of field equipment and its operation, so as to be consistent with the physical object as far as possible

through the monitoring interface, we can query the operation status and instantaneous faults of the equipment at any time, and even record and store the action time of the travel switch. As long as the hard disk has enough space, we can record information. This system only records 30 days

2.2. Programmer function

the programmer is the main tool of electrical professionals. However, every time the programmer goes to the site, it temporarily inserts and dials the CPU, especially the CPU of PLC. In 1998, the CPU interface was damaged due to the plug-in of the programmer connector, resulting in the failure to modify the program. With the implementation of mb+, even if the programming interface of the CPU module is damaged, the other mb+ interface still works as usual, and the program can still be modified on the. In this system, fix software is used to monitor the equipment. We do not use the switch point on the screen to control the field equipment, because only the monitoring function is given, and the function of modifying the program is given to a certain level of users. This system has two security levels, one is "public" and the other is "admi", which makes the plastic formula design and recycling more flexible n ". Public users can only switch screens for browsing, but they can fully complete the monitoring function. Generally, the system defaults to the level. The admin user has great authority and can complete all the functions provided by fix

III. economic benefits

the system has achieved good results since it was completed and operated in October 2000. It used to take a lot of time to confirm and analyze small faults. Now it can be told to managers and maintenance workers with the click of a mouse. It greatly reduces the time to find fault points and deal with equipment faults. The purchase of CPU and programmer is saved, and the benefit is 500000 yuan

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