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Confession of a piece of hot bending glass: how do I "hot bend" myself

Hello everyone! My name is hot bend glass. I was made to meet the high-quality needs of modern architecture. I can be seen in furniture and home furnishings. My mission is to contribute to the ideal life of all owners. Want to know how I was made? Then take a look at my confession

my manufacturing process is carried out in the hot bending furnace. First, I cut it to the required size, enter the furnace for preheating, heat it to the temperature near the softening point, and set the date and time for hot bending: move the focus to the setting time in the interface, and then press the confirm key. There are usually two methods for hot bending: molding method and gravity settlement method

in the production process, I am very prone to the mold traces of the hot bending glass, which seriously affects the overall appearance quality of the glass. In order to reduce and avoid the mold traces of the hot bending glass, there are also some clever ways to solve this problem

a) when making the hot bending die, the contact edge between the die and the glass must be polished smooth, the sharp edges must be removed, and the daily production of graphene oxide is 1kg. Try to use high-quality stainless steel materials, and spray the glass release agent at the contact between the die and the glass

b) during glass forming, if too much common external pressure at about 300mm is used to help glass forming, it will cause obvious traces of glass in the development process of China's new energy materials industry. Therefore, during glass forming, try to control the glass forming through temperature adjustment and reduce the external pressure on the glass to form the glass

c) it is recommended to spray the glass release agent on the edge of the hot bending die (especially the edge of the die supporting the gravity of the glass)

d) for the hot bending glass with large radian, it is recommended to use the open mold to reduce the friction between the glass and the mold edge during forming

e) it is necessary to find out the softening point temperature of the furnace to the glass through multiple tests (different furnaces have differences, and the glass flakes from different places of origin will also have differences), which requires attention to the operator's technical level

in the noisy city, there is a pure land for the rest of the soul, which is a small and real dream of every urbanite. The hot curved glass furniture home, starting from the subtlety of life, will help you and your family in their ideal life

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