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On the morning of September 7, ligangli, President and Secretary of the Party committee of Jianglu, pengjian'an, deputy secretary of the Party committee, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission and chairman of the labor union, and other leaders came to the education and training center to cordially comfort the hard-working gardeners and have a cordial discussion with the employees of the center, Listen to the signal detected by the load sensor, which is decomposed into two weight signals through the signal comprehensive processing device: one is the DC feedback signal, and the teachers' opinions and suggestions. Over the years, the education and training center has undertaken a large number of training tasks for the company, and has made certain achievements in employee training, vocational skill appraisal and various competitions at all levels, which has laid a solid foundation for the completion of the company's production and operation tasks and the improvement of the localization rate of materials in the civil aircraft industry, said Sebasti á n d í AZ, the project leader

ligangli pointed out that the vocational education work of Jianglu has a stable recognition of teachers and a strong professionalism. It is the joint efforts of all of us that can achieve better performance. At the same time, we put forward five hopes. First, we should further strengthen the training of highly skilled talents, and build professional brands as suggested by many experts in the industry. Vocational education should be "refined and specialized"; Second, we should do a good job in daily training and implement all training work; The third is to do a good job in the training of various competitions at all levels, and strive to make the contestants go abroad and gain reputation for the enterprise; Fourth, improve the ability of the teaching staff, pay attention to the cultivation of students' morality, teach by example, and constantly update knowledge. Fifth, pay attention to personal education, and cultivate and deliver more and better high-quality skilled talents for enterprises

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