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The concept of multi energy complementary compressed air energy storage power station

multi energy complementary integrated optimization, as a new energy development direction and a development trend of energy reform, has risen to the national strategic level. In july2016, the implementation opinions on promoting the construction of multi energy complementary integrated optimization demonstration projects issued by the national development and Reform Commission and the national energy administration clearly proposed that a number of national terminal integrated energy supply demonstration projects and national wind, water and fire storage multi energy complementary demonstration projects will be completed during the 13th five year plan period. In October this year, the national energy administration again issued the guiding opinions on promoting the development of energy storage industry and technology, which is the first guiding policy for the development of large-scale energy storage technology and application in China, and further deepened and improved the energy development model of multi energy complementary integration and optimization + energy storage

advantages are beginning to show

at present, a number of representative multi energy complementary integration and optimization demonstration projects in China are under construction, such as the multi energy complementary demonstration project of integrated electric heating and air conditioning of energy consumption terminals, including the multi energy complementary demonstration project of Wuhan future science and Technology City, the multi energy complementary demonstration project of Hefei Airport demonstration zone and the multi energy complementary demonstration project of Qingdao Sino German ecological park; It is a large-scale comprehensive energy base wind, water and fire storage multi energy complementary demonstration project, including Ningxia Jiaze new energy intelligent micro electricity project (put into operation) and Qinghai Longyangxia water and light complementary project (put into operation), and its advantages in energy efficient utilization have begun to appear

in foreign countries, the combination of solar energy and other energy sources is more common in Europe. For example, Denmark mainly adopts the combined application of solar energy and biomass energy, which has been strongly supported by the Danish government. In addition, Sweden has also gained rich experience in the combination of solar energy and biomass energy. One of the heating methods in Germany is the complementary system of solar energy and gas

it provides basic information for the national development of scientific research on bio degradable mulch film, reducing white pollution, and controlling the residue of mulch film.

in addition to the above multi-energy complementarity, the use of multi-energy complementarity of major renewable energy + compressed air energy storage to produce electricity will be a clean and green energy mode in a complete sense, and also an important field in multi-energy complementarity, Recently, a power station with combined utilization of wave energy, wind energy and solar energy authorized by the national patent office has made a useful exploration for this purpose

design key points

the coastline is the three energy concentration areas of wave energy, wind energy and solar energy. It has unique location advantages of natural renewable energy, and opens up infinite imagination space for the three natural energy sources to complement each other + energy storage utilization. The principle and main components of the wave energy, wind energy and solar energy multi energy complementary compressed air energy storage power station include the wave energy, wind energy, solar energy and heat exchanger, compressed air energy storage, turbine generator and control system. However, the revenue after completion is a clear and predictable six part composition

the wave energy part adopts the sea surface point floating method to capture the wave energy through the buoyancy of sea water and the principle of wave propagation. A group of frames are set near the shoreline (the sea depth can be selected as 4m-7m) to be fixed with the seabed. Pontoons are set in each frame. The pontoons are limited in the frame and can move up and down vertically with the waves along the frame; The cylinder and gas collector are fixed at the part of the frame extending above the sea surface. The cylinder is arranged in the frame. The structural features and working principle of tns-ez1a torsion testing machine are centered. The pontoon is connected with the cylinder through the connecting rod (the connecting rod is connected with the piston in the cylinder); An air outlet check valve is set at the upper part of the cylinder to connect with the gas collector, and an air inlet check valve is set to connect with the outside atmosphere; As the waves fluctuate up and down, the pontoon is driven to move vertically up and down. When the waves rise from the trough to the crest, the pontoon rises under the buoyancy of the sea water, and the compressed pressure of the air in the cylinder increases. When the pressure value is greater than the pressure in the gas collector, the air outlet check valve of the cylinder is opened to input compressed air to the gas collector; During the descending phase of the wave from the wave crest to the wave trough, the pontoon has a certain mass, which drives the connecting rod and piston downward, the air pressure in the cylinder decreases, the air outlet check valve of the cylinder closes, the air inlet check valve opens, and the external atmosphere enters the cylinder to prepare for the next compression; Circularly, the external atmosphere is continuously compressed into the gas collector

in the wind energy part, the wind turbine is divided into horizontal axis wind turbine and vertical axis wind turbine. According to the characteristics of the power station, vertical axis wind turbine should be adopted. In addition, the natural wind with lower raw material cost drives the wind turbine blades to rotate, drives the fan shaft to rotate, and transmits the vertical torque to the horizontally arranged air compressor shaft connected with it through a pair of bevel gears. The air compressor compresses the external atmosphere, and the compressed air enters the gas collector. There are many forms of air compressors, mainly including piston reciprocating, blade type, twin-screw and other forms. Twin-screw air compressors can be the first choice for power stations because of their stable output pressure and long service life

in the solar part, the heat transfer medium (heat transfer oil) in the solar collector pipe is heated through the trough solar collector pipe system, and the heated heat transfer medium heats the compressed air in front of the turbine input by the collector pipe through the heat exchanger to further expand the compressed air and inject it into the turbine

compressed air energy storage: the compressed air storage tank is set in the system, which is mainly used to supplement compressed air to the system when the compressed air flow provided by wind energy and wave energy is insufficient under the condition of small wind and low sea waves, so as to ensure that the compressed air entering the turbine reaches the set flow and pressure within a certain period of time, and ensure the stability and sustainability of power output. Win time for the wind and wave to increase to normal in the next period, and fill the energy accumulator again. In addition, the gas collector in the power station also plays the role of energy storage and flow stabilization for compressed air due to its long pipeline and large volume. In order to increase the compressed air reserve of the air storage tank, a multi-stage compressor can be installed in the pipeline before entering the air storage tank, and the compressed air can be multi-stage compressed by using the power generated by itself, so as to obtain a higher pressure value and store it. At the same time, the strength of the structure shall be fully considered in the design of the power station to resist the impact of typhoon and other bad weather

what are the advantages of the compressed air energy storage power station with wave energy, wind energy and solar energy? First of all, its principle, structure and equipment are simple without any complex and precise equipment, which reduces the project cost and the power cost. Secondly, the wide range and large amount of energy collection make the energy more stable, facilitate the large-scale production of power, and solve the problems of single wind power generation, solar photovoltaic power generation output power fluctuation, intermittent and output power can not be controlled with load change. Third, the long coastline is suitable for the construction of many power stations and can be used as a distributed energy system for offshore islands to further realize the combined generation of cold, heat and electricity. Fourth, there is no pollution in the whole process, which is clean, green and environmentally friendly

unlimited potential

China is a large maritime country with a coastline of more than 18000 kilometers. Especially, due to the narrow tube effect formed in the Taiwan Strait, the southeast coast has become the best region in China for wind energy resources. Wind energy has also formed large waves, providing excellent natural conditions for the construction of power stations. At the same time, the coastal areas have developed economy, huge power consumption, perfect power system, and the construction of multi energy complementary power stations can be used as a supplement to the power supply of coastal cities, replacing part of coal power, which has great practical significance for environmental protection and broad business prospects and social benefits

the power station has great potential to be promoted to the world. On the earth's surface, the ocean area accounts for 71% of the whole earth's surface area, and the land area accounts for 29% of the total area. The vast ocean and endless coastline have laid the foundation for the promotion of the power station in the world. Foreign countries have made a long-term exploration in the field of renewable energy power generation, but there are few reports on the theory or experiment of the combined power generation of wave energy, wind energy and solar energy. If the power station is successful, it will become a major project in China following the deep diving, high-speed rail and combustible ice mining, and win global benefits

the wave energy, wind energy and solar energy multi energy complementary compressed air energy storage power station is a pure multi energy complementary, integrated and optimized solution to generate electricity from renewable energy, which perfectly interprets the concept of multi energy complementary, integrated and optimized + energy storage, and will have a far-reaching impact on the transformation of China and the world from fossil energy to renewable energy

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