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Enterprises that can rank among the top ten wardrobe brands must have their own advantages, both in market share and public praise, and have an unshakable position. In the fierce market competition, it can become one of the top ten wardrobe brands in China, and its strength can not be underestimated. There must be something shining about them. If other brands want to rank among the top ten wardrobe brands, they must think about how to learn from others' advantages. Today, we will look at how to refine the management of wardrobe enterprises from the ranking of the top ten wardrobe brands. How to finely manage wardrobe brands? Dewell, the overall wardrobe brand in 2018

refine production and improve product quality. If China wants to transform from a manufacturing power to a smart manufacturing power, the most basic guarantee is product quality. First of all, the quality of products should be improved, so that we can go deep into other links of "intelligent manufacturing", otherwise we will always stay in the same place. Product quality can be said to be the life of wardrobe enterprises. Looking at the ranking of the top ten wardrobe brands, high-quality products are the first condition, which is related to the survival of enterprises. At present, there are still manufacturers who can't control the product quality in the wardrobe industry. Some enterprises even use raw materials with no guarantee of quality in order to make profits. In the long run, this way of increasing production through cost control can not improve the quality of products at all. To be serious, it can be said to be a chronic suicide process of enterprises. Product quality is the foundation of enterprise development. Enterprises must take ensuring and improving product quality as their own responsibility, provide more high-quality products for the industry with refined production management, and create more and more "Chinese brands"

as a wardrobe furniture brand with comprehensive strength ranking at the top of the industry, Deville has long been in the forefront of the industry in fine management. Dewell production system adopts German automatic flexible production line and German * equipment such as winconair, combined with ERP process management system to realize full information production control, which is far better than the average level of the industry. Advanced production scale and capacity, shorter delivery time, faster return on investment

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