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Xiao Zhao, who lives in the Development Zone, is one of them. She is scheduled to get married next May. Last year, she began to decorate her new house with her prospective husband. Both of them are "post-80s" couples. In the decoration of the wedding house, because she is too willing to invest, the budget has repeatedly exceeded the standard. It cost tens of thousands more to install a suite. Insiders believe that rational consumption should be the key in the process of home decoration. Of course, this is especially true for the "post-80s generation" whose economic strength is not strong

the decoration consumption of the post-80s generation is mostly over budget

the survey shows that the decoration consumption of the post-80s generation is mostly over budget. As the post-80s marriage house owners who are just needed in the real estate market, usually their parents will pay the down payment of the house for them, the young couple will bear the monthly payment, and their parents will generally leave part of the decoration money for their children's marriage. Although restricted by economic ability, the post-80s generation has strict control over the decoration budget of wedding houses, they tend to spend impulsively. Compared with their purchasing power, they are "very willing" to invest in wedding houses

according to the designer, the post-80s generation has a lot of ideas about home decoration, and basically all young consumers will exceed their budgets. Some post-80s generation are very fond of some home decoration products. In order to buy all of them, some consumers even hope to meet their home decoration needs through mortgage or request to extend the construction period

insiders believe that the post-80s generation is a new and special consumer group in the decoration market. In terms of decoration style, it stresses the pursuit of self, with outstanding style, and puts its own label on the new house. In the decoration budget, they will not be blindly conservative and calculating. Especially in the wedding room decoration, which they think is related to their lifelong happiness, most of the time, sensibility is greater than rationality

decoration budget is controlled in many ways

insiders said that the "post-80s" should be more rational in decoration. For decoration products that are not sure whether they are needed, you can set aside enough time to think, compare and weigh, and finally make effective choices. In this way, you can not only achieve the effect of decoration, but also control the budget within your own affordable range. The decoration budget can be controlled from the following aspects

don't consider the price before decoration. It depends on the reputation of the decoration company, the construction site and the price. Pay attention to the details of the project. In this regard, the Municipal Council reminded consumers that when choosing decoration companies, they should not only compare the total budget price, but also check the budget details to see whether the decoration projects and material consumption can meet their own decoration needs, so as to avoid falling into the low price trap of illegal operators

also, designers can help "post-80s" control the decoration budget to a large extent. Because the designer knows the materials and products required for the decoration style very well, after understanding the ideas of consumers, he can control the budget from the materials and products, and make a quotation after making a plan. Consumers can go to the market to investigate whether the product price can be accepted according to the designer's plan. If it exceeds the budget, the designer can change the decoration materials and products, reduce the quotation, and design another set of acceptable decoration plan for consumers, In this way, the budget cost can be controlled at the source

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