Proud, regretful, angry, my decoration

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Proud, regretful, angry my decoration

from the decoration of my new house before marriage, this is the decoration of the ninth house, large and small, new and old. It's better to think of showing your creativity again than to live in a new house

when you get the key to your new house, you set yourself two goals: first, you need to find a brand company that is good, fast and economical for decoration. The second is to give their own decoration style positioning. Although my major in university is Chinese, I can calm down and sort it out, but I often find that my mind is full of miscellaneous things. I am definitely not an aristocrat, but I must be a "petty bourgeoisie" of course. The decoration should be simple, but have quality, and have a little cultural "confidence", but not too "old and earth"

after explaining my idea to the decoration company, they recommended a designer who is good at Modern Chinese decoration style

in the past, when decorating houses, they personally led the "road guerrillas" and "followed the whole process" from design to construction. In comparison, the early negotiation and preparation of regular home decoration companies are much more troublesome. It took more than two weeks from design, drawing, signing for approval, going to the company's exhibition hall to select materials, confirming the quotation and signing the contract. However, the decoration company will strictly follow the contract and bill of materials after confirmation. In particular, there is no need to worry about concealed works at all. It is absolutely worth the tedious start

there was hardly much thought in the decoration process, and the concealed works were all finished in a week. Because the company implements the unified distribution of materials, the workers have never mentioned to buy a nail in the building materials store in the community. In the past, the decoration had to spend twoorthree yuan in the small store in the community every time

the workers are not at home, and the gas is not turned on during the decoration process; A month of decoration, electricity costs only 180 yuan. Sometimes I can't help coming over to have a look when I get off work late. When the workers get off work, the construction site is cleaned cleanly. I remember when I was laying the tiles on the walls and floors of the bathroom, it was more than 7 p.m. one day. The workers were ready to get off work. Seeing that they were sweeping the floor, I said to them, "don't clean it, anyway, I will continue to do it tomorrow." But the worker replied, "no, I'm used to cleaning every day. It's convenient to work tomorrow after cleaning." I was so moved that I always brought some steamed stuffed buns, tea eggs and other comforts to them

what impressed me was the door cover. I remember that in the past, there were many carpentry works, and the door and window cover had to be done for many days, but on the 8th day of this decoration, the door and window cover had been installed, and they were all assembled on site after being produced in the factory. In particular, the two antique carved wooden doors designed by the designer in the restaurant according to my requirements were actually made for me in the company's factory. I didn't bother at all. Now everyone praises my two doors as unique and confident

as for the materials, they are absolutely environmental friendly, and they can't wait to move in after the decoration. For two months, the plants at home have held their heads high

when the decoration takes shape, you will be more and more happy, and you can soften the decoration according to the original creativity. Fortunately, this large company has its own soft decoration supporting center. It took a total of 2 hours to select curtains and paintings. They are responsible for door-to-door installation

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I heard that there are a large number of people who particularly like decorating houses now because they have found a good company, which can turn "showing" houses into a very happy thing. I am also one. My summary of this decoration is:

proud: my friends all praise my home as warm and personalized. After moving to a new house, I became particularly homesick

regret: I was careless when looking at the quotation. I looked at the cost of installing background music by an extra zero (in fact, the wiring was only more than 1000 yuan), and I was so regretful that I jumped with my feet. The progress of the project is too fast to regret

anger: I went to a well-known home shopping mall and wanted to buy a set of study furniture. The salesperson said that it was the same as the sample and paid a deposit. The next day, the furniture factory said that it could not be done and needed to be changed. I offered not to do it, but the deposit was refunded after a month, which made me run for 1000 yuan three times

experience: 1 Find a good brand company and let them do it with confidence, which saves a lot of worry

2. Decoration workers are the hardest, treat them sincerely

3. There will also be a lot of trouble when buying various materials during decoration, but remember not to count all the things unrelated to the decoration company on them




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